Programs & Services

From Trauma to Triumph The Tapestry of A Survivor

This life-changing program weaves the extremely abusive past of Marlisse with the transformative principles, which moved her from tragedy to triumph. In this talk participants will learn about the need to forgive, set boundaries, self-love, and use positive self-talk.

Live Life On Your Terms

Regardless of what has victimized you, this talk will equip you with the skills and strategies that will aid you in turning your life trauma into triumph. Participants will learn the power of self – determination and emotional intelligence.

Identifying Who’s At Risk

Training Identifying Signs of Abuse and Neglect In A Virtual World This program is designed to start a dialogue surrounding the need to identify signs of abuse and neglect in the virtual setting. This program will provide researched-based strategies that can be utilized by educators, pastors, and other individuals that have been identified as mandated reporters to effectively identify youth that are in need of assistance.

4R’s of Trauma-Informed Care

In this program, you will be introduced to the 4 major assumptions that have been identified as being critical in providing Trauma-Informed Care. The four assumptions that will be discussed are Realized, Recognize, Respond, and Resist. During this program, participants will receive research-based practical strategies to perform Trauma-Informed Care.