Identifying Abuse In A Virtual World

The virtual world has become a regular destination for children. Easy access and affordable fees enable children of all walks of life to participate in virtual worlds. Games specifically appear to be a great attraction for young children in their use of the internet. While virtual worlds provide entertainment to many children, it also offers Read More

The Four Underlying Assumptions That Trauma-Informed Care Is Based On

What is Trauma? According to SAMHSA’s Trauma and Justice Strategic Initiative, “trauma” is described as “an occurrence, series of events, or accumulation of circumstances that a person experiences as physically and psychologically harmful or disturbing and has long-term negative effects on the individual’s personal wellbeing and physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being.” Trauma may strike Read More

The New Face of Sexual Abuse

Disclaimers: This article presents the current psychological view that has not been viewed by the American Phycology review board and does not replace licensed psychological evaluation or treatment.   This article results from a conversation that I had the honor to have with a young college student, who share with me an event that traumatized Read More