Transforming Classrooms

Creating safe and supportive learning environments for students and teachers
This powerful program equips schools with the skills to support its students and teachers. By
focusing on positive social, emotional, and mental wellbeing, students are better able to
succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Through storytelling and research-based
strategies, educators will learn how to effectively recognize youth in need of assistance and
refer them to help. They will also learn how to build an empowering classroom environment,
while also prioritizing their own mental wellbeing as educators.

Learning outcomes:

  • Warning signs to identify struggling students
  • Simple intervention and referral techniques
  • Strategies to address problematic classroom behavior
  • Building empowerment among students
  • Self-care for educators to prevent secondary stress or trauma

Identifying Who’s At Risk

Training Identifying Signs of Abuse and Neglect In A Virtual World This program is designed to start a dialogue surrounding the need to identify signs of abuse and neglect in the virtual setting. This program will provide researched-based strategies that can be utilized by educators, pastors, and other individuals that have been identified as mandated reporters to effectively identify youth that are in need of assistance.

Thank you for reminding me of what is Important and why.

Thank you for reminding me of what is important and why. As a teacher, I got so caught up in the craziness of teaching in a virtual classroom that I forgot to keep the first thing first.  Every teacher in our district needs to take this PD. This needs to be a national conversation.

Heather Turner, SHS teacher

Thank you so much for our session today.

Marlisse, thank you so much for our session today.  I too can relate to abusive situations our students endure, so I love that you were willing to share such a sensitive story to help us understand how to approach these things.

Carrie Smith, teacher at SHS

You are an inspiration to me and others

Amen my sister, love you and stay focused you are an inspiration to me and others, be blessed.

Earonda Walton, participant