Wow! I just realized this morning that 2 days ago, September 14th, was my 10 year blogiversary.

When I started writing this blog I never imagined I would still be doing it 10 years later. I wrote my first blog post in our first year of full-time RV’ing across the US while we were following the Lewis and Clark trail from West to East and I was reading the Lewis and Clark journals. 10 years later I’m writing this from a house in Southwest France while trying to plan out my next batch of home brewed beer and mead.

I also never thought it would take me where it has in terms of my investing. The process of writing and interacting with blog readers has been an incredible learning experience and made me a better investor.  So, I just wanted to say a quick but heartfelt thank you to all you readers. Thanks for following the journey.

Another 10 years? Maybe. Who knows…

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11 thoughts on “ Ten Year Blogiversary!

  1. Congratulations Paul, and a big THANK YOU back atcha.

    When I started reading your blog (back in the Wheeling It days) while I had done a good job of saving up money, I really didn’t know much about investing than favoring no-load mutual funds over their more expensive cousins. Ten years later, I favor no-fee ETFs and TAA strategies with back-testing. It’s been an eye-opener to be sure – not to mention much better returns.

    Thank you (and Nina) for everything you’ve done for investors like me. You probably don’t realize how much you’ve done to improve the investing education level and returns for us.

  2. It’s been a fantastic journey Paul. Very glad to have come across your blog some 5 years ago and having become a subscriber.

    Robert from Melbourne, Australia 🙂

  3. Thanks Paul for your giving nature and helping so many find a better path for investing. As RVers, we followed you and Nina from the beginning and this lead us to your investment work. So glad we found you. Enjoy 2020 and a better 2021.


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