Self-Love: I love me, first

When I grew up self-love was just something that you did not practice. It was often seen as being morally flawed. Self- love was aligned with vanity and selfishness. It was defined as being conceited. Self- love was linked to why Lucifer was kicked out of having, the sin of pride. If you displaced self-love people said you were arrogant or egocentric. I was taught that anyone who self-love was doomed to failure.

As a result, I did everything I could not to love myself. I convinced me that if I let people use and abuse me that I would earn my reward in heaven. That somehow by accepting the abuse of others I was a noble Christian. That I was being more live Christ. I thought that people would love me more if I displayed my willingness to fall on a knife for them.

But one day, during my meditation, I heard this phrase, “How can you love others, when you don’t love yourself.” This phrase echoed in my ears until it reached my heart. The more I thought about my so-called love, what I realized is that what I have given other was not love, but anger and frustration, because I resented the fact that I was being abused by other people. That my lack of self-love sentence people that I loved, to deal with my frequent bought of depression as I struggled with feelings of low self-esteem.

As I began to understand and practice self-love, I quickly began to discover self-love had nothing to do with pride or selfishness. But it was about respecting and knowing yourself. It is about being honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Self-Love is about identifying your worth and living in it. Self-love is about establishing boundaries for yourself and others that are in alignment with how you believe you should be treated.

Self-love has a positive effect on your mental health it decreases your stress levels. By increasing your self-esteem it decreases the likely hood that you will be a victim of suicide or depression. When the practice of self-love is part of your everyday life, you tend to be more committed. Finally, when you love yourself, you learn how to love others.

So loving yourself is worth it!!!

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