Thank you for reminding me of what is Important and why.

Thank you for reminding me of what is important and why. As a teacher, I got so caught up in the craziness of teaching in a virtual classroom that I forgot to keep the first thing first.  Every teacher in our district needs to take this PD. This needs to be a national conversation.

Heather Turner, SHS teacher

Thank you so much for our session today.

Marlisse, thank you so much for our session today.  I too can relate to abusive situations our students endure, so I love that you were willing to share such a sensitive story to help us understand how to approach these things.

Carrie Smith, teacher at SHS

A refreshing light in the darkest of places


I can’t say enough how refreshing your light is in the darkest of places. Show me your scars and I’ll listen because then I’ll know you’ve survived what I’m going through. Or let me see you are showing up with skin in the game as Berne Brown says. You do both with transparency and heart and it has a great impact on those who need it most. In your work mature women find a place to release and heal and truly progress and young women find a place to address what would otherwise be a life long hurdle. Thank you for your time, your talent, and most of all your heart-driven service.

Jennipher Brown

You left a strong impression on lawmakers

OAESV is truly thankful for your participation in our 7th Annual Advocacy Day to End Sexual Violence at the Statehouse on April 8. Your passionate advocacy left a strong impression on lawmakers, several of whom added their names to Representative Lanese and Representative Galonski’s amendments to increase the Rape Crisis Centers Line Item in the Ohio Operating Budget. The visual impact of our attendance also left impressions on the Attorney General and Governor’s offices, both of whom have reached out to discuss policy priorities mentioned on Advocacy Day. Your inspiring stories and impactful descriptions of your work with survivors are invaluable to achieving legislative progress for survivors, and we cannot adequately express our gratitude for your time and efforts.

The Staff at OAES

Thankful for your time and effort

As director of the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center, I see many difficult youths come and go.  Over the years, the male population outnumbered the females three-to-one.  Since 2019, the detention center has tripled the number of female youth and tend to be the most traumatized, hurt, and just plain difficult to work with. It has always been hard to find sufficient programming geared specifically towards the girls, as well as, keeping their attention.  That was the case until Marlisse Hardamon started volunteering her time to come into the facility and speak to the girls. Not only is Marlisse able to provide great faith-based lessons and wisdom, but she is also able to keep the females involved and willing to participate.  I am very thankful for the time and effort Marlisse offers the broken youth of our community by providing faith, healing, and love.

Joe Hunter
Director of the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center,

Empowering messgage

Marlisse shared an empowering message with students, staff, and the community about transforming from victimization to survivor-hood. She gave a powerful speech about her experience and how it has impacted her life. Survivors are never at fault and she shared that realization through her recovery. I appreciate her bravery to share her story with others in pursuit to prevent sexual violence and support survivors!”

Emily Parsons
College Advocate of Project Women

I am encouraged by your words

God is using you in a powerful way. I thank God that you have chosen to be obedient. I’m encouraged by your words God bless

Andrea Cameron, participant

Life changing concepts with passion

You deliver your message with humor and sincerity. You give life-changing concepts with passion and courage

Minister Elas, Overseer

You are an inspiration to me and others

Amen my sister, love you and stay focused you are an inspiration to me and others, be blessed.

Earonda Walton, participant