Thoughts for Transformation

Boundaries: As Easy as 1,2,3 or Not

I know the topic of boundaries at first glance seems to be a basic concept. We have been taught about boundaries since we were children; if your childhood was anything like mine, you heard many of the following statements. “Lisa, don’t eat that!” “Lisa, don’t go out in the street!’ “Lisa, don’t talk to strangers!’ Read More

Podcast Guest Spotlight

Rediscover The Will is a supportive and encouraging podcast where the hosts take genuine care to uplift the planet with inspirational conversations on personal health and development! Click the link below to listen along to my segment on Social Distancing & Transformation. Social Distancing And Transformation With Marlisse

The New Face of Sexual Abuse

Disclaimers: This article presents the current psychological view that has not been viewed by the American Phycology review board and does not replace licensed psychological evaluation or treatment.   This article results from a conversation that I had the honor to have with a young college student, who share with me an event that traumatized Read More

Event Update – Covid-19

Hello All! I know these are trying times and we hope you, your family and your team members are safe and healthy. Please note, Due to covid-19 all in-person engagements have been canceled and or will be rescheduled at a later time. Please check back often for updates and other offerings via media.  

It’s Over Move On – Closed Event

March 6th (closed event) @  Clark County Juvenal Detention Center  – Topic: “It’s Over Move On”  The focus of this event is on the fact that everyone has tragedy, difficulty, and pain that occurs in our life and most people’s fist response to that tragedic event is to respond out of that pain. But, at Read More

Voice for The Voiceless – (Closed Event)

March 2020 speaking engagement  – Voice for The Voiceless During this closed event, Marlisse Hardamon shares the story of sexual and physical abuse with local law enforcement and other area providers in a real and frank way.  With the intention being to inspire community agencies and leaders to put aside their personal agendas and join Read More

Girl Talk – (Closed Event)

February 2020 speaking engagement  – Girl Talk This closed event is a talk directed at high school age girls that addresses the importance of not allowing traumatizing events that will occur in their lives to prevent them from moving into being triumphant. The talk combines the traumatic events of sexual assault that Marlisse Hardamon personally Read More

10 Minutes To A Better You: Gratitude

“Gratitude is perhaps the greatest of virtues and is the foundation for all the other virtues.” because “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” “What you focus on, you bring more of that to you”     Then… I have spent a large portion of my life deep in despair. I never Read More