Trauma Survivors

Moving from Trauma to Triumph

This is a powerful program that empowers women, who have experienced difficulties in life to develop the skill that are required to move from trauma to triumph. By focusing on positive social, emotional, and mental wellbeing, women will be better able to succeed in life. Through storytelling and research-based strategies, they will learn how to move beyond who they are to who they want to become.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to build a positive self-esteem.
  • How to create and maintain boundaries.
  • How to activate to power of forgiveness.
  • How to develop self-determination
  • How to apply self- grace and positive self-talk

From Trauma to Triumph The Tapestry of A Survivor

This life-changing program weaves the extremely abusive past of Marlisse with the transformative principles, which moved her from tragedy to triumph. In this talk participants will learn about the need to forgive, set boundaries, self-love, and use positive self-talk.

4R’s of Trauma-Informed Care

In this program, you will be introduced to the 4 major assumptions that have been identified as being critical in providing Trauma-Informed Care. The four assumptions that will be discussed are Realized, Recognize, Respond, and Resist. During this program, participants will receive research-based practical strategies to perform Trauma-Informed Care.

You left a strong impression on lawmakers

OAESV is truly thankful for your participation in our 7th Annual Advocacy Day to End Sexual Violence at the Statehouse on April 8. Your passionate advocacy left a strong impression on lawmakers, several of whom added their names to Representative Lanese and Representative Galonski’s amendments to increase the Rape Crisis Centers Line Item in the Ohio Operating Budget. The visual impact of our attendance also left impressions on the Attorney General and Governor’s offices, both of whom have reached out to discuss policy priorities mentioned on Advocacy Day. Your inspiring stories and impactful descriptions of your work with survivors are invaluable to achieving legislative progress for survivors, and we cannot adequately express our gratitude for your time and efforts.

The Staff at OAES

Life changing concepts with passion

You deliver your message with humor and sincerity. You give life-changing concepts with passion and courage

Minister Elas, Overseer

A refreshing light in the darkest of places


I can’t say enough how refreshing your light is in the darkest of places. Show me your scars and I’ll listen because then I’ll know you’ve survived what I’m going through. Or let me see you are showing up with skin in the game as Berne Brown says. You do both with transparency and heart and it has a great impact on those who need it most. In your work mature women find a place to release and heal and truly progress and young women find a place to address what would otherwise be a life long hurdle. Thank you for your time, your talent, and most of all your heart-driven service.

Jennipher Brown